A serious brand is based on a long-lasting professional training. Mine has started with Visual Arts school & highschool (“Nicolae Tonitza”, Bucharest), then I was Licensed with Master degree of University Architecture (“Ion Mincu”, Bucharest) and is continuing today by being enriched with knowledge and skills for a tireless evolution.

For creating a vision to someone, I take anything that’s particular to the client and transform it into a design component of his future space , meant to completely balance his lifestyle. Trends and styles are not important as long as I mix the elements into something that will be relevant for decades. All I care about is to design Timeless interiors in a perfect match with the client. And depending on how special is the client, as different and nonconformist from the rest his interior will be. I respect all the client’s wishes yet I stay away from the usual, striving to impress with novelties and ideas, to bring increasingly unexpected designs to life and of course, to find solutions to any challenge.

All my interiors are made with extreme passion. Each interior is intended to be unique, an art masterpiece and 2 steps ahead others, so people can never get bored of it. If this is also your wish, then I can’t wait to work with you! “– Dana Dragoi

Dana Dragoi was born in 1986, Bucharest, Romania. Since 2011-2015 she worked for different furniture manufacturers and collaborated with people around the world for interior design, like Essese Architects (Tenerife), Perez Ortega (Tenerife) or , later, Hacci (Dubai) and Emblaze Development (U.S.A.).

She is an interior architect and has her own company since April 2015: Dana Dragoi Design.

She worked in interior design both residential and commercial projects. She is well experienced in luxury villas. She interior designed many villas, both big and small apartments, but also restaurants, coffee shop, beauty salon, hotels, office spaces and jewelry store. Her experience with all these is a big plus, but she is specialized and open to design any kind of interior you might need.

Her projects appeared in many online and offline magazines, from which the most important for now are PERSPECTIVE magazine (Nice, Cote-D’Azur , France) , CONFORT magazine, Bucharest and MOBILA magazine, Bucharest.

Why Dana Dragoi Design?

Dana Dragoi defines normality as something boring. She would always think at something to shock and impress. Even more, if you don’t know what you desire, she has psychological skills so she will use certain information from you and develop it into something unexpected. If you love surprises, you will really love her work she’s about to do for you. Tell her one word and she will be back with a whole story. Her mission is to overwhelm with her personal touch: the WOW effect. For making things differently from the rest, Dana is constantly hunting new materials and innovations in design, so she can make your interior always useful, easier to maintain, unique and unforgettable. All her interiors go straight to the best interior magazines worldwide.